Tire Nichols breaking news: Memphis police charged with ‘protecting’ white officer as seventh ousted for murder

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Protesters march in Memphis after video was released of Tire Nichols being beaten by police

The Memphis Police Department has been accused of “protecting” the only known white officer involved in the arrest of Tire Nichols, as it was revealed that two more officers were placed on leave in connection with the man’s death at the hands of police. .

Lawyers for the Nichols family sued Memphis police for allegedly giving a white official special treatment by putting him on leave despite his involvement.

It comes as Memphis police revealed that seven of their officers, including five black officers who had already been charged in Nichols’ death, had been relieved of duty.

The sixth officer, identified as Preston Hemphill, who is white, was suspended with pay pending a hearing, and a seventh officer who was not immediately identified was released without pay, police said.

Nichols’ parents, RowVaughn Wells and Rodney Wells, accepted an invitation from the Congressional Black Caucus to attend Joe Biden’s State of the Union address next week.

Nichols, 29, was pulled over for a traffic stop in Memphis on January 7. He died three days later at the hospital.

Footage of the fatal encounter was released on Friday, showing Nichols being punched, kicked and hit with a baton.


Biden to Meet with the Congressional Black Caucus on Police Reform

After a bipartisan effort to revive nationwide police reform legislation stalled in Congress, members of the Congressional Black Caucus will meet with President Joe Biden’s administration this week to discuss reviving the effort following the death of Tire Nichols.

In 2021, the House of Representatives passed a version of a bill, to be called the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, without any Republican support on a vote of 220-212. A similar bill passed in 2020 but it languished in a then-GOP-controlled Senate.

The measure was intended to revise “qualified immunity” policies, change the threshold for allowing the use of force, ban police chokeholds federally, ban warrants for arrest without notice in federal drug cases, and create a national registry. of police misconduct cases under the auspices of the Department of Justice, among other reforms. It does not “defund” police departments, despite the campaign slogans of Republican officials.

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 18:00


Rodney King’s lawyer on Tire Nichols: Racist police have plagued the US for decades

Milton Grimes, who was the attorney for the late Rodney King, said the beating of King by Los Angeles Police Department officers in 1991 “should have been a wake-up call to address military-style, racist police culture.” of violence in the US, but sadly nothing has changed.”

“America is not a war zone, but the violence impacted on African Americans speaks to a culture of impunity and oppressive use of force,” he said. “The aggressive nature of the police in the US is a national disgrace that falls far short of international standards.”

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 17:30


Ben Crump talks about police violence

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who represents the family of Tire Nichols and has represented the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, among others, discussed police violence and systemic failures with the daily programGuest presenter DL Hughley.

He urged Congress and the Biden administration to move forward on police reform measures after bipartisan legislation stalled in the wake of Floyd’s murder.

“Every battle we win could save your son’s life,” he said.

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 17:00


Initial Memphis Police Report Falsely Claims Tire Nichols ‘Fought’ Officers

A leaked incident report into the arrest and fatal beating of Tire Nichols by Memphis police officers contains glaring inaccuracies that were later exposed after the release of body camera and surveillance footage.

The report, written two hours after the beating of Nichols on January 7, states that the 29-year-old was “enraged” and refused legal arrest, tried to start a fight with officers and also attempted to take a gun from an officer. officer during an initial traffic stop.

Video evidence released on Jan. 27 told a very different story, showing officers raiding Nichols’ car and dragging him out, yelling conflicting orders and using pepper spray and a taser as he tried to comply.

the independentBevan Hurley reports:

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 16:20


These 8 questions remain unanswered

The damning images, taken from police officers’ body cameras and a police pole camera, were finally released to the public on Friday. But the hour-long footage has left several questions still unanswered.

the independentRachel Sharp explains what we don’t know yet:

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 16:00


Eric Garcia: ‘Republicans choose their words carefully on Tire Nichols’

the independentWashington chief Eric Garcia writes of a long weekend of relative silence from the Republican Party:

The statements from the Republicans who have spoken show that they clearly know that the video is disturbing. But the rhetoric they use shows that they probably expect to treat this as an isolated incident and probably won’t take action on it.

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 15:30


“The police don’t always tell the whole truth”

the independentJosh Markus writes:

As the nation turns its attention to the death of Tire Nichols, there’s something you need to know. In cases like these, the police don’t always tell the whole truth. Sometimes they seek to distract themselves from it. Other times they lie outright.

This is well known to victims of police violence, civil rights organizers, and those, like me, who spend their days covering the police. But it’s important to remember after the release Friday of police video of Nichols’ arrest on January 7, perhaps the most explosive case of police misconduct since George Floyd.

Read what you’ve learned about law enforcement misrepresentations while covering the police:

Alex Woodward31 January 2023 15:00


How to Support the Tire Nichols Family

A fundraiser set up by Tire Nichols’ mother has raised more than $1 million for the family following his death.

“My husband and I have had our whole world turned upside down by what happened to our son,” RowVaughn Wells wrote in the description of a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family.

“We are two loving and hardworking parents, [and] now we have to focus our full-time attention on seeking proper justice for our son,” he added. “We still have to have adequate space to begin our grieving process, which will be long and onerous.”

The fundraiser will help cover the costs of mental health services and time off work, where they don’t have unlimited paid time off, he said.

The funds will also support the creation of a skate park in memory of Nichols, “in honor of his love of skating and sunsets,” according to Ms. Wells.

Alex WoodwardJanuary 31, 2023 2:30 p.m.


Four videos, 56 minutes, seven Memphis cops, one deadly arrest: What the Tire Nichols video shows

The release of Tire Nichols fatal assault footage graphically depicts the protracted and savage fatal beating inflicted by five Memphis Police Department officers.

But questions remain that the redacted footage didn’t answer, most notably the alleged traffic violation that had led officers to stop Nichols in the first place, and what prompted officers to respond with such violence.

the independents Bevan Hurley has more on the story below:

Graig GraziosiJanuary 31, 2023 2:00 p.m.


Republican Congressman Jim Jordan says ‘no law’ could stop the ‘evil’ in Tire Nichols’ police body camera footage

Conservative Congressman Jim Jordan told NBC News Meet the press that he wasn’t sure if any law could stop the “evil” shown in police body cam footage showing officers beating Tire Nichols.

“I don’t know that there is any law that can stop this evil that we saw,” he said on the program.

He then accused Democrats of trying to use the legislation to solve problems like systemic police abuse.

“Democrats always think that it is a new law that will fix something so terrible,” he said.

Graig Graziosi31 January 2023 13:00

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