Street Fighter 6’s real-time commentary feature adds Thea Trinidad

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Professional wrestler Thea Trinidad will join street fighter 6 as part of the game’s real-time commentary feature, Capcom announced.

The real-time commentary feature brings the voices of commentators from the popular fighting game community directly into the game to narrate what’s happening on screen just like in a real tournament.

“I have been an avid gamer since I was a child and a huge fan of Street FighterThea Trinidad said in a press release. “I can still remember epic matches with my brother, and I always beat him with my favorite character, Vega. It’s surreal now to be a part of this incredible franchise and I’m humbled and grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Here’s an overview of the real-time commentary feature and Thea Trinidad, via Capcom:

Thea Trinidad, also known as WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, stepped onto the top rope and somersaulted straight into street fighter 6 as the latest addition to the game’s commentator list. Thea, a long time Street Fighter fan, brings his strength, style and electrifying personality to the growing list of illustrious commentators of color on street fighter 6. She is a current WWE Superstar, self-proclaimed gamer, and no stranger to the Street Fighter franchise, even modeling her ring gear as Juri at this weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio, Texas.

He street fighter 6 The real-time commentary feature incorporates the voices of popular fighting game community (FGC) commentators and personalities to narrate matches as they happen with easy-to-understand gameplay explanations. Newly announced play-by-play commentators include Jeremy “Vicious” Lopez, Ryutaro “Aru” Noda, Kosuke Hiraiwa and Steve “TastySteve” Scott, with a team of color commentators including Thea Trinidad, HE Demon Kakka and James.” jchensor”. Chen. This feature will support subtitles in 13 languages ​​to increase player accessibility and excitement.

street fighter 6 It will be out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam on June 2.

Check out a new trailer below.

Real Time Commentary Feature: Thea Trinidad



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