Artur Beterbiev stops Anthony Yarde in the eighth round of a thrilling light heavyweight bout

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Beterbiev v Yarde
Artur Beterbiev celebrates by dropping to the canvas as the referee called off the fight after Anthony Yarde’s corner threw in the towel.

Artur Beterbiev emerged victorious from a shootout with Britain’s Anthony Yarde to retain his WBO, WBC and IBF light heavyweight world titles in London.

Both men fought brilliantly in an epic back and forth over eight rounds.

Yarde hurt Beterbiev in a stunning fifth round, but was then taken out of the fight in the eighth after being floored by a powerful right hand.

Russian Beterbiev maintained his 100% knockout record, while Yarde’s wait for world honors continues.

“I could say it was a bad fight, but I’m sitting here,” Beterbiev told BT Sport.

“Everybody in this division can hit and so can Anthony. He’s young and he’s got time and I hope he does well in the future.”

“If I’m honest, I was prepared for all those blows and that’s why I was able to keep attacking.”

yarde surpassed in epic

yard was a big underdog he will enter the contest, but will see his stock rise rapidly after an impressive performance that many might have thought he lacked.

A potential victory for the 31-year-old Londoner was set against some of the biggest upsets on British soil, but the stage was certainly set for a classic when Yarde, dressed in gold-trimmed white shorts, received a hero’s welcome from The Arena OVO at Wembley.

Despite being the defending champion, Beterbiev made a lightning-fast tackle and was heavily booed while doing so.

The first round was nervous for long stretches with Yarde clearly wary of the renowned power of the 38-year-old Russian who had produced 18 knockouts in 18 fights.

But it was the Brit who landed first with a beautiful left hook that pushed Beterbiev back.

“Fight this guy” was the cry from Beterbiev’s corner and the unified champion tried to oblige, advancing whenever he could.

Beterbiev v Yarde
Beterbiev, who holds a Canadian passport, is now undefeated in 19 fights

Beterbiev’s face turned red in the second thanks to Yarde’s excellent counter attack and when the Russian landed a sweet right hand, his opponent immediately responded with another left hook.

Yarde was then forced to fight his way out of the corner after Beterbiev did magnificently to close the gap, a feat he accomplished throughout the fight.

The crowd, however, was firmly on Yarde’s side and each shot caused a great roar.

A strong hook from Yarde drew attention, but Beterbiev continued to step forward, undeterred.

There was no rest for Yarde and he was stunned several times in the fourth round when Beterbiev picked up his pace.

Then a shootout broke out in the fifth as Yarde hit a huge flush forehand over Beterbiev.

The crowd was on their feet howling for a finish with Beterbiev clearly hurt, but the Russian threw himself into Yarde’s arms to gain vital seconds of recovery.

Yarde lunged forward in an attempt to finish the fight, but Beterbiev fought back in kind and unleashed a flurry of punches, leaving his opponent reeling as the bell rang.

Now blood was oozing from Beterbiev’s left eye while Yarde’s was swelling with each passing second.

Yarde tried to replicate the shot that had staggered Beterbiev by going over the champion’s jab in the sixth, but this time his opponent was wise to attack.

Beterbiev v Yarde
Both fighters unleashed brutal blows in a sensational contest

Round seven produced more surprising action when, once again, Yarde stepped forward and seemingly hurt Beterbiev.

But Beterbiev steered clear of danger and masterfully turned the British fighter to trap it in the corner, where he then unloaded and a dazed Yarde could only hold his ground.

Yarde seemed about to go down, but he stayed on his feet and was finally able to escape and see the round.

The eighth round saw the final shots of an incredible fight. A grueling Yarde attempted a left uppercut, but Beterbiev read it beautifully and landed a powerful right hand.

Another continued to Yarde’s flat and, while the challenger was able to get up, he looked towards his corner, clearly not sure whether to continue.

The referee allowed the fight to continue, but Yarde’s trainer, Tunde Ajayi, quickly made the decision to wave the white flag while Beterbiev attacked his fighter.

Moses Itauma
Moses Itauma, 18, took 14 seconds to claim victory in his professional debut

Mixed night for the Itauma brothers

Karol Itauma he lost his first professional loss against Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna. in a big surprise on the billboard.

Itauma and his brother Moses Itauma they were considered Yarde’s main support with the brothers fighting on the same card for the first time in their fledgling careers.

Karol was a heavy favorite in a WBC international light heavyweight title fight, but issued warnings of a potential bad night in the making from the first round as Maderna continually marked him.

After faltering in the fourth round, Argentina’s Maderna made him pay with a simple right and left combination in the fifth that dropped Karol.

Moses brought some joy back to the Itauma family when he took 14 seconds to stop the Czech Republic attack. Marcel Bode later at night.

It marked a brief but successful introduction to the professional ranks for the 18-year-old sensation, who is aiming to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Mike Tyson currently holds the record for having won his first world title at the age of 20.

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